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    Mixed Framerate and Resolution Workflow?

    Dozerbeatz Level 1

      In the military, in Afghanistan. Me and a buddy have XD Replay(hd model) helmet cams.

      We will be recording some things in 720p 60fps, for slow motion action, that I will use Twixtor to do time remapping tasks,

      I will also be recording some things at 1080p 30fps for regular footage.

      I would like to take advantage of the 60fps which is only 720p for this action camera.


      For mixing 720p and 1080p:

      First 720p footage: Uprez option

      I am guessing workflow would be to Create 1080p sequence 60fps,, import 720p 60 fps footage,

      Use, as effect, my Magic Bullet Instant HD set to "Custom", 1920x1080

      This would be a sequence uprezzed/resized to 1920x1080(some quality loss).

      Of course time remapped with twixtor for slo mo parts,,


      After all time remapping and color correction, other, this sequence would be nested into

      my other sequence with the true 1080p 30fps footage. That means my 60fps sequence is being nested into my 30fps sequence.


      What is best method for working, since I have slo motion stuff, being exported to 1920x1080 30fps, or even 24fps..


      In the end, during export, how will it be handled?, ect....


      Not to mention I have a real HD camcorder(JVC Everio GZ-HM300) that only shoots 1080i, some of that would be thrown into the mix.