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    Publish issue when updating from Flash 6

    tangolocoxoxo Level 1

      I'm updating some action scripts that were created in Flash MX to Flash CS4.  The script layers 2 movies and the user is supposed to be able to move the top movie by grabbing it with a mouse and dragging it around.  Here is the code that creates the layers:


      MovieLoader = function(MovieName) {


      loadMovieNum(Path + "Flash_Navbar.swf",2);

      createEmptyMovieClip("tutorial_clip", 10);

      tutorial_clip.loadMovie(Path + MovieName);



      When I publish Flash_Navbar.swf with Flash 6 in the publish settings there is no problem with moving this object around.  However if I publish with the settings at Flash 7 or higher, it cannot be moved with a mouse.  So there must be some additional setting that I need to specify for Flash Navbar.  In all cases, I have left the Action Script settings at Version 1.  Any advice?