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    Flash exe with transparent background

    vinod kumar k v Level 1


         Is there a way to project an EXE with transparent background from flash (only using flash).


      If not only flash,

            then what else should I use??

      As I know there are softwares like NorthCode, Zinc, etc., But all of them affects the script in some way like "fscommand("quit");, loadMovie();" does not seem working.


      What I exactly need is:

        1) Flash projector (EXE as well as APP) with transparent background

        2) I need to loadMovie (call exteranl swfs) into the main projector file.

            "note:The external swfs are FlashPaper files, so I should I have access to API, so that I could resize them, edit UI as I want."


      Thanks in Advance.


      Vinod Kumar.K.V