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    Freelance Time Tracker?

    bnies813 Level 1

      I'm looking for a time tracker to use when I do freelance work. I don't care about calculating costs and things like that. I just basically want something that will tell me how much time I'm spending doing the stuff. I can take it from there. I found one that does what I want to do, but it seems dated. So I guess my question is...


      Has anyone used or is anyone currently using Bit Computing TimeTrack and would you recommend it? I like the fact that it programs because I switch back and forth between Adobe programs. I also like that it tracks websites because a lot of times I'll be on the internet for research. I'm just a little leary because of how dated it looks. 

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          Petteri_Paananen Level 4

          I have used https://www.getharvest.com/ and been happy with it.

          It probably has lot´s of features you dont need but... well you don´t have to use them all if you don´t want to...

          You can add new clients there, and start projects for clients. When ever you start to do somethin for particular project, you can add used time manually or you can start the timer that tracks the time spent with the project. When you are ready with it, you´ll get reports how much time you have spent etc...


          In my case it was also nice that you can use it optionally with iPhone if you like (or any other smartphone/tablet)

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            bnies813 Level 1

            Thanks. I've decided I'm too far into this project to switch my ways right now, but I looked into getharvest and it does seem to be a good tool for time tracking. I will definiately consider this for my next project.

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              Rik Ramsay Level 4

              I use http://www.freshbooks.com/ . It has a time widget that sites on the dashboard/desktop that lets you start/stop for each project then automatically adds that time to your time sheet. It also allows you to customise your invoices. I used to do all those through InDesign and now don't need to.

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                bnies813 Level 1

                Thanks, everyone, for your input. These look like what I've been looking for. Definitely things I'll look into for my next project.