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    Does PHDS work on Linux/Android?




      We use custom OSMF based player to play both live and VOD content. We tried to use basic PHDS encryption that ships with FMS.


      On PC/Mac everything works fine, however on Android devices (I tested with Samsung Galaxy Tab, Flash player 11, the latest version) the DRM state stops at "authenticating" status, but the unprotected content plays fine.


      Linux users also complain about a similar issue for protected files (I haven't checked yet, if on Linux the status also stucks at "authenticating").

      Similar behaviour also existed on Mac/Windows with Flash player 10 (now we force our users to have version 11).


      I guess the user in thread http://forums.adobe.com/message/4120764  faced the same problem, however it was not answered.


      I initially thought that there is a problem with our player, however, when I tried the player that is included in the FMS demo page, I experienced this behaviour:

      On PC/Mac - Flash player 11 - it shows message "This video content expirex in xx days, xx  hours..." and plays fine

      On Android - Flash Player 11 or  PC/Mac Flash player 10 - it shows "This content is DRM protected" and playback doesn't work.


      Flash Access documentation says that it is supported in Flash player 11 for Linux and Android. Could it be that only full version of Flash Access is supported on these platforms, however its simplified version - PHDS isn't?