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    After Effects Red Colorspace Workflow


      Hi all!


      My company works essencially with 3D architectural visualization films, and we do a lot of integrations with greenscreen footage and our 3D.

      For the first time we shoot with the Red One camera, and it is causing us a little confusion about how to interpret those files correctly in after effects.


      For what i've read so far in the adobe help files, the correct workflow would be:

      - Create the main Comp, set it to 32bpc, and assign it an HDTV(Rec.709) colorspace.

      - Import the .R3D footage, interpret footage, and set the color profile too to HDTV(Rec.709).

      - View > Simulate output > Here I set it to my monitor calibration profile.


      The problem is, that the footage just don't looks right. If i open the same footage in Red Cine, the footage is great, but i can't figure out how to interpret it correctly in after effects.



      What i came up to do so far is:

      - Create the main Comp and set it to 32bpc;

      - Then, I import the .R3D file to after effects, interpret footage, and click on the Preserve RGB checkbox.



      This way the footage looks equal to the Red Cine, but i'm afraid that by this workflow i am not taking the full advantage of the .R3D file


      Can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong?


      I'm working with After Effects CS5.5 Version





      Thank's in advance, and sorry for my bad english.


      André Inácio