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    questions about using adobe_prtk




      I've started to use adobe_prtk to activate adobe products on specific computers after deploying a new clone.


      We currently have serials from "MasterCollection CS5.5 upgrade" and a clean install on the computer, not serialized, asking for either a licence or if we want to use evaluation mode.


      When i type the "Master Collection UPSL" serial number that we have been given in the Photohop 5.1 registration invite, the registration number appears to be valid (green tick at the left of the licence form (but i haven't validated)


      I've tried the following commands on a clean install


      adobe_prtk.exe --tool=ReplaceSN --serialize=MasterCollection5.5-Win-GM --serial=<SN>

      return code 9 => Serial number is of type upgrade

      adobe_prtk.exe --tool=ReplaceSN --serialize=Photoshop5.1-Win-GM --serial=<SN>

      return code 6 => Product whose LEID is entered is not installed on the target computer.


      Does it ring a bell ?


      Thanks in advance