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    RoboHelp 9 crashes during the publish of a project


      Greetings friends,


      I am in a serious bind. I have a project that was created in Robohelp 9. I started encountering crashes on the evening of Jan 30th when attempting to publish the project.

      I have been working in this same project without issue for 3 months without issue. I suspect the issue is related to some topics that were updated or created on that day.


      Here is what I have tried:

      1. I am able to successfully publish other projects

      2. I was able publish the project in question earlier in the day. From modified times, I can deduce the batch of topics that may be involved.

      The problem is there are 32 topics.

      3. I have evaluated each of the 32 topics, seeing an earlier thread that referenced potential issues with tables. I did find 2 topics where the table looked a bit odd. I edited the properties on the tables and saved the topics. The issue persisted.

      4. For grins, I checked the properties on the tables in each topic to be sure they matched the format in known-good topics.

      5. I have tried renaming the project's .cpd file - based on other posts- the same issue occurs.

      6. The project is pretty good size, so recreating it is NOT an option.


      So I am stuck!

      I have some questions to try to resolve this:

      1. I noted in another thread that a user with a similar issue was able to publish via command line. Any suggestions on the string to use?

      2. Is there a way to test this project by removing the suspect topics, then readding them one-at-a-time - aside from manually re-creating the topic in RH, then copy/paste from the original?

      Any suggestions on how to achieve this goal?

      3. Are there any debugging/compiling tools available to help troubleshoot this type of error? This seems like a fairly common error where topic formatting can cause trouble. It would SEEM logical that a tool would exist.


      I thank you all in advance for your consideration on this!


      Thanks again.


      Eric Buterbaugh

      Newforma, Inc.