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    Kerning issues


      How can you fix the kerning automatically between letters like (Office) the f's and I's always get hidden. On type fonts like garamond, times and similar styles. I have to individually correct each letter (hitting the kerning tool, once) then it pops into place, I usually use optical for my type, but have found this issue is both on optical or metrics.



      You will understand what I mean if you type the word Office.




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          First, screen shots are essential for understanding this. Embed them in a post using the camera icon on the web page, like this:




          Second, you are almost certainly looking at the ffi ligature or you've turned ligatures off and you have collisions (that's why we need screen shots). Most people would say the ligatures are preferable to three independent glyphs, a la Word.


          Third, for well made fonts the only time you should use Optical kerning is when mixing glyphs from different fonts or font styles, as in putting a script, italic or bold glyph next to a roman character in the same word. Even for badly made fonts you probably only need to change a few kerning pairs, which can be handled by a GREP style that applies a charater style to adjust the tracking on that pair.

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            printinggal Level 1



            Does this help. (sorry new to this)


            I trid to find "Ligature" to see if it was on or off, but I'm lost where to find it


            Thanks again

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              The top view is a ligature, the bottom is the separated glyphs. Ligatures are very tradtional typesetting, a mark of a well-made font, and are enabled by default in ID, one of the many features most pros appreciate.


              If you don't want to use them you should clear the Ligatures check box in the Basic Character Formats section of your paragraph style definitions. You'll also find a listing for them in the flyout menu on the Control Panel.