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    Help with a "save as" query or an alternative suggestion


      Hi all


      Hope someone can spread some light on this for me, im rather new to using adobe pro - and never ventured into java scripts as yet..


      I have created a pdf document with various text boxes within the document. The document will be pushed out to external users who will only have access to adobe reader.


      My query is this:


      I've created a save button, but can the file name automatically be set to include the data in one of the text fields. I still want the user to chose where to save the document but want the file name to be fixed to the data in the relevant text box.


      If it can be done is it a relatively straight forward procedure.


      If this is not possible, then as an alternative is it possible ible to create maybe a Warning or pop up box after clicking on the "save as" button to prompt the user to save with a different file name to avoid saving over previous versions etc.


      Again if this is this possible, is it difficult to achieve?


      Many thanks in advance for any help!