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    Unable to Locate Image


      I'm using an android tablet running ice cream sandwich. When trying to upload an image using Textpattern, I'm unable to locate the folder where my projects reside on my tablet.

      A silly problem to have but never the less can someone clue me in as to where the images are. I've looked under edit, gallery, camera etc. Thank you.

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          Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee



          this is not an Ice Cream Sandwich issue, it's more about how Android security model works.

          It means that applications only have access to folders that are not directly under other application data folders.

          In other words since PS Touch saves the documents to it's data folder other applications such as Textpattern cannot reach them directly.

          Even though I'm not familiar with Textpattern this is what I assume that you are encountering.


          You should probably add your wish as an the feature request with some more information that can help us understand the issue.