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    AsyncToken Error with Flex 4.6 SDK + Swiz


      Hey Guys,

      when i upgrade my project to Flex 4.6 SDK, i'm suddenly getting "null" Errors from the AsyncToken class.

      In most cases not even the debugger is starting. The application exits immediately with no message.

      Sometimes i'm getting the error from the debugger. In this case the "_responders" property of the AsyncToken is null.

      By the way ... there is an convertMediatorHandler listening to the RemoteObject that converts the e.result to a VO, but this should not matter.

      With Flex 4.5 everything works fine. I've already spend a day on this problem and a really don't know how this happens.

      (Swiz was also compiled with Flex 4.6 SDK)


      Thanks for every reply,