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    Reusing AIR Captive Runtime

    cipriancaba Level 1

      I have an application that is installed and acts as a loader, downloading different other applications that all use the captive runtime.


      However, considering the current folder structure of a "captive runtime" application:


      -> Adobe AIR

      -> META-INF

      ==> signatures.xml

      ==> AIR



      -> mimetype

      -> ApplicationName.exe

      -> ApplicationName.swf


      For example, there is the Adobe AIR folder which is 38 MB in size, which is identical for all of the apps. The exe file, even if named differently it's the same file for different applications.


      I cannot put all my downloaded apps in the same folder because they would override the previous application. All the application "internals" are found in the META-INF folder. Is there any way to rename this folder to something like (app1) ? I think this would solve my problem. Of course, I would need to change the exe file also.


      Do you have any other suggestion on reusing the captive runtime?