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    Recording keystrokes in Excel




      I've been trying to record a tutorial video with version 5.5 in Excel, but the application isn't recognizing my keystrokes, which need to be shown.I have done this with success many times while recording Word, what am I doing wrong in Excel?


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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Could you explain more?  Wonder what you mean by " ...do not recognize..." ?



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            untalkative_jenny Level 1

            Usually, when I type something during the capture process, Captivate records every key I press on the keyboard, and it shows on the slide as letters/numers being typed one by one.

            Right now, no typing is shown, it just jumps from what I have typed at the start to what I have typed after the enter key or a mouse button is pressed.

            IE I click in a cell to begin a formula.  I enter a =aver to get a list of functions, but it jumps to =average( instead of showing each letter I've typed.


            In this video, it is iomportant for the viewer to see the letters show up as I type them because I want to draw attention to the fact that to begin a formula, the = symbol must be entered first.