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    Select character and START

    odhinn3 Level 1

      Hi, I have a character selection screen and I'd like the player to highlight the selected character by pressing on it and then press a START button. How?

      Of course he can change his mind and select another character before pressing start.


      Translated to commands should be something like:

      • Press button1 (Character 1) and leave it highlighted
      • Press button2 (Character 2), leave it highlighted and shut down button1 highlight
      • Press button3 (START), go to LEVEL1 with movieclip on Frame1 (Character1) if button1 is highlighted, go to LEVEL1 with movieclip on Frame2 (Character2) if button2 is highlighted


      Maybe I could hide every highlight on release except of the selected character by writing on each button: highlight1._visible=false, etc...

      But then I really don't have a clue for the third step. Help me please gods of Flash!