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    Premier Elements 7 Error - ../Src/Window.Cpp-251




      I have a problem with Premier Elements 7. It gives me error message "../Src/Window.Cpp-251". It seems to appear after adding DVD menus. And actually that problem started after using higher resolution clips. Earlier I was using DV files 720x576, but now 1280x720 and 1920x1080. But I have been able to use these clips too. One moment the program hangs and if I try to open the same project again, it gives the error message and will close. I can open the program and start new project or open other projects, but not that one any more.


      Technical data:

      RAM 4GB

      CPU Intel Core2 Quad Q8300

      Windows 7 Pro SP1 32 bit

      Hard disk has two partitions - program is on the main part and projects and everything else is on the other.


      I hope someone knows the solution! Thanks!