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    Importing Adobe Tagged Text

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      So here's what's happening…


      I've installed a Wordpress plugin that exports posts as Adobe Tagged Text.

      When I import, the text still shows up marked up with tags, just as it looks in the .txt file:



      <DefineParaStyle:NormalParagraphStyle=<Nextstyle:NormalParagraphStyle><cColor:Registration ><cSize:10><cLeading:11><pFirstLineIndent:12><cFont:Times New Roman>>

      <ParaStyle:NormalParagraphStyle>This <cTypeface:Italic>is<cTypeface:> a <cTypeface:Bold>test<cTypeface:>

      <ParaStyle:NormalParagraphStyle>Test paragraph

      <ParaStyle:NormalParagraphStyle>Testing this out


      Does it have something to do with the first line of code, <ANSI-MAC>?