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    Link to a file doesn't work when exported to PDF

    Joshmon2003 Level 1

      We have a document in InDesign that we would like to put links to other PDF file.  We create the link we choose file as the type and browse and select the file.  We test it out in indesing and it works fine.  We then export the indesign document to a PDF and the link shows up as a web address in adobe reader and doesn't work.  Looking at the like it looks like this: "

      file:S:\WalzCraft%20Organizational%20Structure\04%20Information%20Systems\04F%20All%20Intr anet%20PDF%20Files\Technical%20Changes\Catalog%2013.2\13.2%20-%20TU001.1%20-%20New%20Stain %20Color%20-%20Espresso.pdf".


      If I change the link in adobe reader to a file destination and remove the %20's it works fine.  The %20's are spaces.


      Does anyone know how to get indesign to create the link correctly as a file destination in Adobe reader instead of s web address link.