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    Stroking a shape...

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      Hope you're well.


      In the attached pic, you'll see I've drawn a white box on this page. I did not add the dark stroke you see (it happened automatically), although I'd like there to be one.


      I used the shape tool to draw it.


      I want to put a stroke on it but when the layer is selected the stroke option in the edit menu is not available. What do I do?


      Also, why does the box disappear when I click off the layer? Because there is only a white fill and no actual outline?


      Thanks very much for your help.



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          acresofgreen Level 4

          Try this:

          • Create a new blank layer and select it
          • Select the shape tool and select the right-hand icon in the tool options bar (Fill pixels)
          • Draw your shape with the shape tool on thís new layer


          The Edit - Stroke option should be available


          Message was edited by: acresofgreen I think you were creating a shape layer.  When you do that and click away from the layer you won't see the outline any more.  Unfortunately you didn't include your layers panel in your screenshot.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            The shape tools can create shape layers, WorkPaths and Fill the shape on the current layer with Pixels controlled by three icons in the tool option bar.  I would use the Work path option to do what you asked.


            Select the shape tool you want to use and click the path option in the option bar here I selected the custom shape tool and a custom yankee shape. 

            next I Held down the shift key to constrain the shape and draged out the shape.

            Selected the brush tool clicked on the blue swatch and set brush to be soft 5 pixels round.

            Clicked on Brush Stroke Path Icon To stroke current layer which could be a new empty layer

            Draged work Path to trash