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    Problems exporting PDF from 20 page document

    Graham Hermon

      Until Monday 30 January, I had a PC running InDesign 5.5 perfectly with no issues.  I could PDF a 20 page newsletter I was working on absolutely fine.   My C: Drive crashed on Monday night so I have had to put a new C: Drive in and load up all software again.  Fortunately my documents are on a separate drive so nothing was lost there.


      NOW after loading all software and updates, I tried to Export to PDF but find it halts after page 5.  I can create a PDF of PP 1-5 but 6 i a no-no as are several others.  Some other individual pages you can PDF.


      This is so frustrating when I never had any issues AT ALL prior to my hard drive going.


      I see there are several other reports of this issue recently, but I need a QUICK fix to get this newsletter finished!


      Any help would be gratefully received.