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    Where do I put my fonts? How to move them all?


      I know this is a basic question, but I just purchased font management software and it's not finding my fonts (which I put into a folder on my hard drive). I think I should move all my fonts to my Hardrive/Library/Font folder, but how to do that? Currently my 1200 fonts are in alphabetized folders (A-Z) within a folder I just call "Font folder". How do I move all my fonts into the actual Library/Font folder?


      I've been a mac user for 25 years and a hardcore CS5 user, but I just don't understand font management! Now I'm thinking the fonts are slowing down CS5 because they're not organized appropriately.


      I bought Suitcase Fusion in hopes that I can turn off fonts I don't use often. Please help! Thanks!

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          RenéG Level 3

          On a Mac you can put your fonts anywhere really. Mine are located in a folder named "Font Resources" inside the "Document" folder.


          To load them in Suitcase, I dragged the folder, in my case, named "Adobe Font Folio 11" into the "Sets" window of Suitcase, and from there I activate the one(s) I need.


          I've also created addtional Sets in Suitcase for the fonts I need activated every day; and other sets for "Script fonts", different client's fonts, etc.


          Does that help?

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            Defintitely do NOT load all of your fonts into any of the system/user font folders . . . anything you put in those folders will be active all the time and slow you down considerably.


            Your current organization sounds OK. In Suitcase Fusion, select "add fonts to library" from the file menu, navigate to your "Font folder" and select "Add". Suitcase Fusion will copy the fonts to a separate "Vault" (you can turn this behavior off in the Suitcase Preferences) and load them into your font library. Then you can activate/deactivate fonts as needed within Suitcase Fusion.

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