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    Suddenly my PE7 won't load a project - any project.  Why?


      I've been using PE7 for two years.  This morning I left the project on which I was working on the desktop while I ran some errands with my wife.  Upon return several hours later the project was no longer on the desktop, and when I tried to load it, it would not load.  Instead, it put a minimized logo onto the task bar ( that bar at the bottom) and when I put my cursor on that logo, I see a single frame of the project I wanted to load.  Then if I try to load another project, I can see a frame of that project.  Can anybody help?

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          Am I correct that you have been Saving the Project (the PREL file) to the Desktop? That is not a good idea, as the Desktop folder has certain attributes, that are unlike other common folders.


          The ideal location is in a folder (I use the Project's name for my Project's root folder) on a separate physical HDD, than the OS and programs. If one only has one physical HDD, then there are fewer choices, but I would still use a regular folder, with the Project's name.


          When you navigate to the Desktop folder in Windows Explorer, do you see a file, with the Project's name, and the extension, /PREL? Note: depending on how you have your OS's Folder Options and File Display options set, you might not see the file's extension. I always set that Display to Show File Extensions, and also to Show System and Hidden Files, so that I can see everything.


          If you DO have that Project's .PREL file, I would Copy it to a new folder, with the Project's name in that folder's name.


          Now, can you launch PrE at all? If you can, at the Welcome Screen, choose Open Project (you will not want to try from the Project list), and then navigate to where you Copied that Project's .PREL file. Does that work?


          If you cannot launch PrE, then see this ARTICLE, which starts with a checklist of things to do, to get PrE to run, and run well. Note that some of the first tips are to upgrade the video and audio drivers, from the mfgr's. Web site. Do not trust Windows, or any utility to tell you, if you have the latest version - check on the mfgr's. Web site, or the mfgr. of your computer, if it's Dell, HP, Lenovo, Gateway, etc.


          Good luck, and please let us know how thing go.