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    Access to USB Device

      Does AIR enable access to a device connected via USB on the client computer? Our project wants to leverage data from a USB device in our AIR application. If this is possible, any references?

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          Unfortunately, Adobe AIR does not support USB or serial port access, and I hope such SDK support will be added sooner than later. As far as I am concerned, without it, Adobe AIR usefulness as a desktop run-time is crippled by a large magnitude. One of the much touted advantages of Adobe AIR for developing web applications is access to the local file system. Well, that's a good first step. But without USB support in particular, I don't see a terrifically bright future for Adobe AIR as a development platform of choice.
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            Admiral_Brodnack Level 1

            You can only access USB devices as part of the file system.


            That's overly dramatic isn't it? Of the dozen apps I use on a regular basis, only one would be hobbled by lack of USB device support.
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              cayennecode Level 1

              You can only access USB devices as part of the file system.

              If you can access a USB device as part of the file system, what's wrong with that? What functionality is missing?
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                Joe ... Ward Level 4
                Many devices can be controlled though a USB interface. For example, AIR could read the pictures stored on a connected camera (assuming the OS treats it as a disk drive), but wouldn't be able to send the camera a command to take a picture, etc.
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                  The same old story.
                  The questions like "How do I do this?" are answered, "Why on Earth would you need it?"
                  I need to connect to a USB Pay Terminal, I need to control a scanner or a printer or any other USB device.
                  Is it really too much to ask? It is a locally installed application. Why does it behave like a web one?
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                    Well, after looking more closely at AIR I stopped understanding the whole idea behind this. If you ignore all the gasping around "AIR this and AIR that" what is the difference between the webapp running in a sandbox and AIR app running in a sandbox?
                    Well, Adobe improved their flash player projector. Well done, it was quite an effort.

                    So, what is is this all hype around? I need to access serial ports and I need to run socket server. Can desktop application do it? Yes. Can AIR do it ? No.

                    Semi-quoting Adobe's great promotional material for ADG: " And my manager is not happy. And I am not happy."
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                      cayennecode Level 1
                      I agree, the handicap AIR apps have is pretty severe. I'm semi-expecting Adobe to announce plans to continue extending the API with these types of system access things. System Preferences, hardware, etc. Don't all they need to do is wrap the OS's native API into AS3 classes?