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    File Arrangement on New Computer (Best Workflow Practices)


      The setup is this.  I am getting a new computer very soon.  It will have a 120gig Sold State Drive and a 1 Terabyte internal mechanical 7200rpm drive.  I will eventually get an external hard drive for more redundancy and backups.  But my question is this, how should I manage my files to get the best speed?  I will likely be editing some AVCHD .mov files natively, but I may also conform to cineform. 


      The question is this: when I get the files from the SD card, I will put them on my 1 TB internal drive as an initial copy to begin with.  Then, should I put them on my SSD and work with them from there? Or should I just use the files directly from the 1 TB  as I edit?  Of course my OS will be installed on the SSD along with my Adobe programs, a couple of games, etc.  But most of my games, all of my music, and other video files that I am not currently working with will be stored on the 1 TB drive or eventually backed up to an external drive with USB 3.0.


      At this point in time, I don't have a backup plan for if the computer crashes mid-edit or if the SSD fails / has a driver issue etc.  But since my  job doesn't depend on it and I am just doing this hobby for fun, I can live with it.  Eventually once HD prices come back down, I will get a raid array etc.  How should I set up my editing for now though?


      Thank you everyone for your time!