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    New Laptop Option for Premiere Pro

    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

      Sager has just announced a i7-3930K (the 2011 pin unit) the NP 9270.  This announcement appears in the Maximum PC March 2012 issue but for some reason there is nothing on the Sager web site.  I guess it is another case of the advertising department getting ahead of the engineering department. Unfortunately they list it with only 16 GB of RAM.  The neat feature of this laptop is one optical drive and three hard drives.  It comes with an nVidia GTX 560M.   Apparently the starting price is $2499.


      Now when they actually are ready for sale is the question.  I strongly suspect ADK will be offering their version soon also. 

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          JCschild Level 3

          Clevos new X79 is coming to a dealer near you soon.. mid to end Feb

          the slowest video card offer will be a 580 (making it nearly $500 more than a 560 and raising that stating price) and then a 5xxx series quadro and possible AMD (not that it matters for Adobe)

          processors offered will be the quad 3820,  6 core 3930 and 3960.


          the issue we had with 580s in the X58 version was NOISE the 560s were much quieter

          i hope they fix that issue...