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    Titles in Project Panel: Option for "reveal in timeline"  ?


      I have many over 30 Titles in a certain piece i have put together some of which i have used more than once.   Now that the customer wants to change some of the Titles, I find myself with the problem of not always knowing simply whether a title has been used just once, or is used two or more times...........


      This is probably best explained with an example as follows:  "Title 12" will for instance appear at 05.03  and then again at 21.34

      Without skimming through my entire film, to view each title, i can't seem to find out an automatic way within the Project Panel or menus of identifying how ofthen Title 12 has been used, and if more than once, where each version might be located. 


      Within the Timeline Panel i can click on a Title and "Reveal in Project"; but i would like to be able to click on a Title in the Project Panel and "Reveal in Timeline" - which could then flag up the location(s) of that Title on the Timeline. 


      Thanks in advance,