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    Black border around all the pictures in my video.


      I'm new to the forum here and am struggling to find an answer to my problem and wondering if someone might help me. I am using adobe premiere elements 9 to make a picture slideshow.  I have about 90 pictures, with text on several of them and audio throughout the whole thing.  I don't know this program very well, I've used it one other time to make a video.  When it's all done, I burn it to a dvd.  The problem I'm having is that when I burn it to the dvd and play it back in my dvd player, the pictures are reduced in size and there is a black border around them all (all 4 sides).  Do you know what I can do to make it go away?  The last video I make didn't have it so I'm not sure what I've done with this one.  And I did try compressing the pictures and it didn't change anything.


      Thank you so much!



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you resized your photos to no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size before you brought them into Premiere Elements?



          Oversized photos cause the majority of problems with video slideshows.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The "black borders" indicate a mis-match between your Source Files (Still Images in your case), and the Project Preset's Frame Size.


            Now, here are a few questions:


            • Will this Video ONLY be made, using Still Images? The reason for that question is that there are fewer considerations, than a Project using both Stills and Video.
            • If only Still Images, how do you plan on delivering your Project, say DVD-Video, BD, a file on a Web site, etc.?


            As Steve say, the Sill Images should be Scaled outside of PrE, in a program, like Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements. In the case of Still Images only, you would determine your Project Preset (as New Project), based on what you need to end up with (really just the opposite as when working with Video). Let's say that you want to produce NTSC DVD-Videos in Widescreen format. You would create such a Project, then Scale your Still Images to match that, Import them into the Project, and jst place them on the Timeline. For that sort of Project, Steve's suggestion to use 1000 x 750 is a good one.


            Once one has Imported the Still Images, there are little tweaks that can be applied to get everything to fit perfectly, such as turning ON Scale to Default Frame Size, if necessary.


            Good luck,



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              Lish8 Level 1



              I actually went through last night and compressed all the pictures to a document size.  Some of them are smaller  (628x439) than 1000 x 750 but some are a little bigger (1024x768).  I noticed as I compressed them in the folder outside of premiere, it also changed them in premiere.  However when I  burnt the new dvd, there was no change.  If I make them smaller (for a website) will that help?  Also, is it something that I would have had to have done before doing the project?  I've already put about 10 hours into this video and really don't want to start it again.




              As of right now I have still images and 3 video clips in this presentation, but if it helps I can get rid of the video clips.  I've actually removed them and tried it again, but had no luck.  And I plan on just burning it to a dvd-r disc to watch on the dvd player.  What this project is is I take pictures from the last year of my daughter and make a "birthday video" for her with music and some text on the still images.


              Also, should I turn on the scale to default frame size?


              I don't know a lot about the video making world, so the verbage kinda goes over my head, but when I began my project I just said ok to whatever it opened it with which says "DSLR-1080p-DSLR 1080p30@29.97.  I'm now thinking maybe I should have changed the setting, but am at a total loss for what it should be.  Please excuse my ignorance   What I'm wanting to do it just be able to play it on a dvd.


              And lastly, I can't even thank you guys enough for helping me!  I'm beyond frustrated and I really appreciate your kindness!



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                If some of the Stills are smaller than the Project's Frame Size, you will either want to Scale them exactly, Cropping if necessary for the Aspect Ratios to match up, or you will want to use Scale to Default Frame Size, but take note: Scale to Default Frame Size will only Scale the fist dimension to match, so if the Aspect Ratio is off, say the Images are 16:9, and the Project's Frame Size is 4:3, you will still have some black bars.


                If the Still Images are close, then I would suggest that you instead, use the Fixed Effect>Motion>Scale, to increase the Scale, so that all of the Project's Frame Size is filled on all sides. This will effectively Crop the view of the Stills to the Aspect Ratio of the Project's Frame Size. If you do not like that effective Crop, just adjust the Fixed Effect>Motion>Position, to get a better Crop.


                The same holds for Still Images, that are a bit larger - I would manually Scale those to match the Project's Frame Size.


                That is why Steve recommended a slightly larger Still Image, than the Project's Frame Size - it gives you a bit of wiggle room, when doing the final Scale, and Position.


                Good luck,