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    i7-920 CPU temperatures vary between 54°C and 100°C.

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      I hope someone can advise me here.


      My i7-920 CPU cores reached the following temperatures while scanning my PC with Windows 7 Microsoft Security Essentials, without running any other applications.

      Core Temp i7-920 (1).png


      My BIOS showed the following readings.


      Reset Case Open Status

      Case OpenedYes
      Current System Temperature41°C
      Current CPU Temperature92°C
      Current MCH Temperature48°C
      Current CPU FAN Speed2368RPM
      Current SYSTEM FAN2 Speed0 RPM
      Current POWER FAN Speed2636 RPM
      Current SYSTEM FAN1 Speed3426 RPM


      My PC has 6 fans:


      1 standard intel fan on the heatsink of the CPU,

      1 fan at the top of the case,

      1 fan at the rear of the case,

      1 fan at the front of the case at the 5 hard drives,

      1 fan at the power supply, and

      1 fan on the graphics card.


      They are all clean and running.


      With only Firefox running at present, my CPU's temperature readings are as follows.

      Core Temp i7-920 (2).png


      Should I be concerned about these temperatures?