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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 Playback problem (when mtulti tasking) (Mac)

    alarzy Level 1



      I have this very weird problem with preimiere pro CS5.5. I've only experienced this today and I've already restarted my mac a number of times and the problem still persists.


      Basically, I start up premiere then work on a project, I can do playback no problem, I scrub through the timeline there is audio working, I press the spacebar, the clips play no problems


      HOWEVER as soon as I switch (cmd-tab) to let's say Firefox or just even leave premiere for another window. Playback stops working, pressing spacebar won't do anything also even clicking the play button on premiere won't work. I would need to start premiere all over again. The program doesn't hang but te playback just stops working, when I scrub through the timeline, the video moves but there is no audio.


      I hope someone can shed light over my problem thanks.


      I have never encountered this problem for over a year ever since working on premiere pro CS5/ CS5.5


      I'm on a iMac 21.5 inch late 2010.