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    Problem with chart


      I am trying to implement a slider component on a chart that will filter the chart data.


      i am changing the minimum and maximum value of DateTimeAxis according to slider left and right thumb value.


      as you see in first image every thing is looking perfect. But, when i am starting moving the

      slider, the horizontal axis label is changing to month/day accordingly. Because of that the width of horizontal axis is changing dynamically and there is a gap shown between the horizontal axis and the border. Also the position of slider and show all button  is changing.


      I am not able to figure out what is happening.


      some point:


      1) Slider is right aligned.


      2) width of the Slider is dependent on chartElement width.


      3) show all button is attached on chartElement and right aligned.


      what i think, some how width and position of chartElement relative to chart is changing.


      please give some suggesions.





      Step 2.png