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    Application Acrobat_com: What it is used for?Mandatory update gives error code 16820;how to resolve?

    Theo A&K

      I have bought a Asus Eee PC 1215N, a netbook computer.on which MS Windows 7 Home Premiun Edition 64 bits is installed.

      Under the Windows start button - All programs I found the application "Acrobat_com".

      I started up Acrobat_com and I got a message that a mandatory update available is.

      I clicked on the button "Download now" and then I got a window "Updating Acobat_com" on which the message: "Download failed. there was an error downloading the update. Error# 16820"

      Clicking the button "Close" gave a new window om which was dispayed: "An error  occurred while installing the mandatory update. The application will now quit".

      Clicking the button "Close" indeed did the application quit.

      Repating the above described operations gave always the same results.


      So I have called the Adobe technical support desk in the Netherlands but they could not help me, because they don't know anything about an application "Acrobat_com" from Adobe.

      I hope this forum can answer my questions about "Acrobat_com":

      1. Application Acrobat_com: What it is used for?/What is its purpose?
      2. The mandatory update gives error code 16820 during the update process. Which problem is described under error code 16820?
      3. How can I resolve tjhe issue described by error code 16820?


      I hope somebody can answers my questions.

      Thanks in advance


      Theo A&K