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    How to set page size and bleed


      Hi all,


      First of all, I am really a totally newbie for Indesign. My knowledge of Indesign is zero.


      Recently my design send me a artwork but he is missing now. I need to do some modify for printing but I really got no idea what should I do.


      The printing manufacturer request me to set my page as 303mm x 216mm, however my page size now is 297mm x 210mm. After that they need me to add bleed for them as well.


      So any expert here could guide me step by step what should I do?


      I tried myself to go "Explore" > "save" > then change the value of "page size" to 303mm x 216 mm. Then go "Marks and Bleed" > "tick "Bleed" and choose value (top:3mm, bottom:3mm, inside:3mm, outside:3mm)


      However, the result come out my page size is much bigger than 320+mm and 230+mm


      Why? What should I do?