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    Problems With Photoshop CS5


      Hi All.


      I am a relatively new photoshop user, and recently purchased a copy of Photoshop CS5 Extended.


      The problem i am having is that when i load up a new document with a white background, the background is of an 'off-white' colour, and this isnt a true reflection of what it should be.


      I am using 2 monitors, in which the problem is the same on both, but when i open for example, a web page with a white background this shows up perfectly.


      When i go to save the image it saves as it should look normally, for example the image on a white background.


      This is a problem that is hindering me due to the nature of my business, and would be grateful if anybody has any input, or if anybody has had a similar problem resolved.photoshopprob.jpg


      I have enclosed an image of the problem i am having.


      If anybody could advise me i would be grateful.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          It's possible Photoshop is trying to do its color management with a bad monitor profile.


          To diagnose this issue,


          • Click Start and type color management into the search box. 
          • When Color Management comes up in the Control Panel section, click it.
          • Go to the Devices tab and see what profile, if any, is listed as the (default).
          • Click [Add], choose the standard sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile, then [Set as Default Profile].


          Now restart Photoshop.  Does the problem go away?  If so, the monitor profile was telling Photoshop that image data had to be made a yellow color in order to come out white on the display, and you can either continue with a possibly still inaccurate (but better) monitor profile, or you can get a calibration/profiling device, measure your monitor's performance, and create a custom profile.