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    Disappearing Text

    Cornish John

      Help please. I am a beginner at scripting, and even newer at forums, so please excuse me if I have put too much information in the question, but I would rather do that than waste your time.


      Within a form containing a mixture of text boxes, drop-down lists, radio buttons, etc, I have three fields that are linked: Two "Calculated - User Can Override" text fields driven from a common "User Entered - Required" Drop-down List with the "Allow Custom Text Entry" box checked.


      End users need to be able to either: 1) Select from the drop-down list and auto populate the text fields (already works)

                                                      or: 2) Overwrite all three fields


      While the end user is able to overwrite the Drop-down List, if one of the Text Fields is over written then the text disappears from that field, but not from the Dropdown List, when any of the other fields is selected


      Both text fields are populated with a FormCalc, Client, *calculate statement (if - then - elseif - then - else - endif) in the format:


      if       ( Drop-down List selection EQ "Aaa Bbbbb" )           then TextBox = "nnnnnna1"

      elseif ( Drop-down List selection EQ "Cccccc Dddd" )      then TextBox = "nnnnnna2"

      else                                                                                   TextBox = ""



      Thank You