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    PDF with strangely placed items



      I have a problem with my PDF files ... I am working on this book file of 530 something pages and whenever i created pdfs of the book, text frames will either be missing in places, or they will appear in places they are not actually in, but when i look at my original indesign file, everything is in place? anyone ever had this problem of funny alien objects just appearing in your pdf files? please help? I need to hand this over to the printers soon, and i can hardly have these aliens in my file like you can see in the image attached, the text frame with tel, mobile fax etc in the bottom right corner is supposed to sit where the phone number is ... very odd ...


      thanks a lot in advance! hope you guys can help me out of this misery.


      Screen Shot 2012-02-02 at 4.37.45 PM.png