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    Calculate fields do not work


      I am fairly new to working with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, JAVA Scripts, and PDF files. So this may sound as a newby question. I have a PDF that has tons of fields that are filled in under program control from a database. When the PDF is rendered to my MVC View, the PDF comes up and the the fields display the correct values but the fields that hold the Total Values are all Zero (0). These calculate fields I went into Properties, Calculate Tab, and then set the Value Set Is to (Sum +), then picked the fields to be Summed. to test it, I set the default values of the fields to one (1) and the field I set to calculate the Sum shows the correct number. Then I Saved the PDF file and moved it to my MVC folder. When I run the program and tell it to render the PDF, the PDF is called up, values are filled in, and the PDF then displays on the screen. The filled in fields all have the correct values but the calculate fields display Zero (0).