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    Can I export a command (text) file with photoshop and javascript?

    Tide House

      I'm trying to write a script to export images to a "hot folder" that is scanned by our printing software and printed automatically. The software needs to read a command file which is a basic text file giving image dimensions and paper type. Is it possible to create such a file with any of the extenscript tools or does javascript's security features prevent this? Would it work if I converted to VB script? The most progress I've made so far is:


      var commandFile = new File();

      commandFile.saveDlg("Save the file as command.nhf", "*.nhf");

      commandFile.writeln("Test Line");


      this brings up a save dialog to save the file but as far as I can tell it is just a temporary file which is deleted as soon as the script is finished. I'm hoping I dont have to learn VB or C# to get this working.