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    Workflow best practices, SSD

    Orpheus22 Level 1

      Alright, here is the setup.  I will have a 120 Gig Solid State Drive, and a 1 TB 7200 rpm internal drive.  I also have an external drive that is USB 2.0 that I could use, but will probably be getting a usb 3.0 drive before too long.  I will be using Adobe Premiere Pro.


      I want to edit footage.  With those drives available, what would be my best workflow when I receive files?  Please note that I am not as much concerned about backup right now as I am speed.  This is just a hobby, and I won't lose a job by losing files.


      I will obviously put the OS and Adobe, and a couple games on the SSD.  Other games, music files, backup video files etc. will be on the 1 TB.  But should the video files that I am currently editing be put on the SSD or on the 1 TB mechanical drive?