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    Need some javascript assistance...


      Creating a form for our customer proposal. I want to have pull downs for Make/Model for both A/C and Furnace so that when you choose a Make, it will limit the Model choices to the ones that only apply to the Make. Additionally, the Model numbers for A/C units are different from the Model numbers for the Furnaces. And to top it off, I'd like to make it so that once a user chooses a Make and Model, it will automatically input the Tons and SEER for the a/c units and input the BTUs, AFUE and Regular Price for the furnaces. One complication is that the selections for Option 1 need to be different from the selections in Option 2, if applicable.


      I've referenced Thom Parker's tutorial here and have created a list of my makes, model numbers, ratings, etc. as shown in the first section of his code, but from there, I'm stumped.


      Any help would be much appreciated!


      Here is the section of our proposal:



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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          A Jpeg does not allow one to see the code behind the fields, and that is where the work or errors will occur.


          Do you receive any error messages or any notices in the Acrobat JavaScript debugging console?


          If you have any blanks in you "Make" drop down box, then you need to adjust the element name in the data object to be enclosed within quotation marks.