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    Security Sandbox Violation for module accessing localhost rest service in dev environment

    Gregory Lafrance Level 6

      Our app has a "main" module with link button, and clicking each link button loads different modules in the main content area.


      For only one module, we get a Security Sandbox Violation when we try to do a multipart post of image data.


      I can't find anything significantly different about this module, other modules do multipart posts fine.


      I have added thre SWF and various folders (such as containing folder, its parent, etc.) to flash player global settings, but no luck. We added a liberal cross domain file but still no luck.


      BTW, we are using ModuleLoader, should we try ModuleManager?


      Please help.


      *** Security Sandbox Violation ***
      Connection to

      http://localhost:PORTNUMBERHIDDEN/services/rest/mycompany/222/assetservice/asset?action=sa veasset&objecttype=serviceOffer&objectid=5960&User-Agent=flex3.0&randomNum=1328144876976

      halted - not permitted from