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    adam shambour
      Hi everyone
      I am a design student currently enrolled in an advanced interactive media class. The project that was given was to create anything that we wanted just as long as it engaged people with interactive media. The main program that we are using is Flash actionscript 2.0. For this project I am creating a site that is a 30 day line drawing study that anyone can go to and with a simple drawing program that I have already coded, can make only one click and drag line mark per visit. The site will be recording every line that is made between 12:00am to 12:00pm at the end of the 12 hours the site will upload that days creation to a blog and reset itself to a blank screen.

      What I need help with is a database storer that will record every line that is made in that 12 hour time frame so that every time the site is loaded the previous line made from someone else shows up on the screen.

      Thank you so much if anyone can help me I have only 2 weeks to get this done and I have hit a brick wall.
      I can send my flash file through email, also if you could email the answers to adams_designs@hotmail.com that would be great. I check my email everyday. Thanks again for your time and consideration.