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    Main page that generates field values

    Milton123321 Level 1

      Good afternoon,

      I have a form that whereby I have 1 field that updates multiple fields.


      For example an employees name:


      I want to have 1 field whereby the employee fills it out his/her. It then populates other fields with that same string value.


      The thing is I want to control where the user can fill out his/her name and lock the other fields that copy that value.

      Basically, I am going to have 1 page where an employee updates his/her information. Based on that input, it will automatically fill out 10 pages of boxes that need that information. The thing is, I want those 10 pages of boxes to be locked so I can direct the user to a central page where he/she reads the instructions.


      I know I can duplicate fields where by updating one will update all: I do not want that. I want one box that updates all: if the user tries to circumvent the main page, he/she will be unable to update.

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          MarkWalsh Level 4

          Create a second field (name it differently from your entry field, ie 'EmployeeNameCalc'), set it to 'Read Only', and set it's calculation to a custom Calculation script:


          event.value = this.getField("EmployeeNameEntryField").value


          (Change the name to match the name of your entry field).

          Duplicate this field everywhere you want it to show that value, but not allow the user to update.