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    Pan/scrolling is slippery. Is there a way to turn it off?


      I've been using Photoshop CS5 for a long time now. That last time I used it was maybe Monday at the most. Today, when I opened it up, I found that my "Open Recent" menu was grayed out, because it was empty. So I find the file I'm working on and open it, and it appears that my settings are competely different now. The tools were all set to unusual amounts(maybe default settings). I don't use plugins, but my brushes were all still there.


      This is all fine, what's bothering me is that when I used the Hand tool and pan through the image, after I release, it keeps sliding for a bit. I can barely flick the image and it flies all the way off screen. I've tried searching the internet for a way to change this but for the life of me I have no idea what this feature would be called.


      How do I turn this off? It's making it really difficult to get where I want to go.