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    Problems uploading to Creative Cloud


      When I attempt an upload to Creative Cloud in Ideas, I receive a message that states Success in a large white square.  It won't load the creative cloud like it does in Photoshop Touch.  The four square loading notification only shows up after I go to exit the white window that either says success in some apps (or just a white square in others).  I have retried multiple times to account for spelling errors.  I verified my account.  I am running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 on a Asus Transformer Prime.  It is curious that I can access the creative cloud to download from Photoshop Touch, though I have not tried to upload to the cloud.  I also am having similar problems accessing facebook on Photoshop Touch.  I even went as far as doing a factory reset and reinstalling each app.  Any Ideas?            E

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          Hi Wyngowski13,


          There are some known issues with Creative Cloud compatibility and the Android 4.0 OS, there is an announcement about it at the top of the forums page. Adobe will be releasing updates for all of the apps to address this. We've already released an update for Photoshop Touch and that's why that one works.


          The Facebook issue relates to a browser security issue, an Adobe employee found a workaround here


          Sorry for the inconvenience, only a few tablets officially support Android 4.0 currently. We're working to address these issues as soon as we can.