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    Outlining a shape

    BlueShamrock Level 1

      I am trying to outline a shape (and a few more things while creating a logo).  To try to keep it simple, I'll restrict this discussion to this. First some background: I scanned an object (my shape) sucessfully changed the color.  I have the shape plus the background (the white from the paper behind the object)  What I have done so far:  I have done the following with the help of an Adobe representative who hung up on me before completing the instructions to do this. His instuctions were: Double click to open blending option, click Window, control click, click lock on layer & drag to trash, Change to layers ) Double click on layer (to trace the shape) control c, Select shape, use Quick Select tool, increase brush size.  Click around the shape until the running ants selects the whole shapeThen go to Layer: New Layer Via Copy.  Now we have the new layer with just the shapDouble click on layer 1to open the Blending option.  choose outer glow.  (choose color) Now there was no way to choose the color but there was a drop down menu to where I could Blend if blue (which was the color of the shape) At this point I was excited and thought maybe we could get this to work, when he hung up.  Where do I go from here? I have a Mac computer.  Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

          Hello! One can change the color of the outer glow by clicking on the colored square.

          But in Blending Options (or in the bottom of the layer panel, if you select Fx) you can select stroke, and that will draw an outline around your layer.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            First a question how do you want to use your logo. If you want to resize it up and down to place or different size image consider using vector graphics like text and Pen tool. Save as a custom Shape,  PSD or PNG they support transparency. GIF can also be used for the web but GIF only supports 255 mapped colors and one level of transparency a pixel  is either Transparent or its opaque.  A GIF can also be automated for Browsers support animated gif format. As pointed out GIF only supports 1 level of transparency make things like drop shadows feathered multiply blending not Posible. However you can somewhat do it by creating your logo large and scaling it down with HTML. Also layer mask and animation palette twend options help.

            TutorialsLinked Letters [Logo or Monogram ]

            [ JJMack ]


            The above gray background was added using HTML background-color: #808080;  and the logo centered using align=center"


            Link to full size animated gif http://www.mouseprints.net/JJMackAniShadow.gif  open link in new window or Tab to view...


            My crafting actions packages contains an action that show you how to create and action the can watermark ant size image and scale the watermarks for their size.

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              BlueShamrock Level 1

              I haven't worked with a tif before but I thought I would try it this time

              and once the logo was created save it as a gif.  A gif would probably be a

              better idea then because I might want to try animating it.  Had learned a

              little flash before with CS2, and haven't gotten to the CS5 tutorial yet,

              but it is on the list.


              I would use the logo for all sorts of things, on the web, business cards,

              and maybe more.  So, I would want to save many versions of the size from

              the big one I am working with now to a small one for a business card.


              Thanks for the links, I can't stay on the computer long this morning but I

              will check them out later.