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      I have a problem when I generated the project - I didn´t got the SSL folder. I think it was because I generated into a knew folder with a new name - what did I do wrong. Kan I open the project whith another file insteed of the XPJ-file?
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          Hi abelona.

          The !SSL folder is only created if you have the output path of your single source layout set to that folder. It is common (and best) practice NOT to generate output to this folder. If you have created a new folder and new name outside of the !SSL folder this is why you are not getting it created. There is nothing wrong with this and you don't need to do anything. You have just pointed your output to a different location. You should still be able to open your project via the XPJ file and if you wish, you can change the output location in your single source layout .
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            Hi Colum,


            I've been a tech writer for many years, but I am new to OLH. I am creating FlashHelp with RoboHelp 8. I just found this posting regarding the !SSL! folder missing. If this folder (and its contents) are missing from the Internet app they are associated with, will the Help not display? Do I need to make sure the !SSL! folder is always present before uploading to post?


            Thanks so much.

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              Hi OLHNewbie and welcome to the RH forums.


              When you generate your FlashHelp output, RoboHelp very helpfully generates a folder by default called \!SSL!\FlashHelp inside your project directory. The SSL part stands for Single Source Layout and just there to tell you that the folder contains the generated output of your project. It would also contain other outputs if you generated them. For example if you also generate Printed Documentation you'd have a folder called \!SSL!\Printed documentation.


              When you publish, a completely different step from the generation, you are effectively copying your generated output to a location where it will be accessed by your application. This can be anywhere and called anything. You don't need any reference to !SSL!. It could just be a folder called "Help". Hope this helps.


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