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    Digital signature dictating where data is input

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      The form I have is a government form that has varouis areas to sign.


      Here is the sceanrio:


      Evaluation type A

      Evaluation type B


      I have a main menu that is centralized that populates data for the entire form (alot of the data on these forms is repetative).


      Both are check boxes; only one can be checked.


      On my main page, it has a supervisor signature.


      If the evaluation is type A, how do I direct the signature to populate in a specfic locked field?


      Can i use the this.getField method to generate that digitial signature on a box and reproduce it in other pages?


      I am assuming I have to use an If statement, for example:


      If Box A is checked, Field X = Field Y

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          Milton123321 Level 1

          Let me modify my question as to make it more easier to understand.


          I have 4 radio buttons under this scheme:


          Group: MainCheckbox

          Buttons: Choice 1, Choice 2, Choice 3, Choice 4


          My questions are:


          1) What is the syntax of an if statement in JavaScript if choice 1 is true? For example, this is what I am trying to code but it is not working:


          if(MainCheckbox.choice1=="true") {

              event.value = this.getField("DateSignedEmployee").value;



          2) If I digitally sign one block, I want that digitital signature to permiate to other selected fields. How do I code that in Javascript? For example:


          if(signature15==signed) {

               signature16 = signed;

               signature17 = signed;



          Obviously that is not the right code, but this is what I want it to do.