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    Is it possible to resume play from any point on the progress bar in FLV player

    nikolaig Level 1

      Is there a way to allow a user to move playhead to any point on the progress bar (including much ahead of the loaded portion of the movie) and resume play from there?

      Presently a user can skip ahead only as far as the download happened.


      Just in case there is no conflict with my set up, here is the code I have:



      import fl.video.VideoProgressEvent;










      close_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick_GoBackToHowTo2);



      function onClick_GoBackToHowTo2(event:MouseEvent) :void {












      function stopF2(e:Event):void{


      SWF_flv2.closeVideoPlayer(1);  // actually, you can execute this after the stream completes, too so there's no need to check.






                play_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick_Play);



                function onClick_Play(event:MouseEvent) :void {












      function progressF(e:VideoProgressEvent):void{

      if(e.bytesLoaded == e.bytesTotal){








      SWF_flv2.activeVideoPlayerIndex=1;  //this assigns the player index

      SWF_flv2.visibleVideoPlayerIndex=1; //this assigns the player index






      SWF_flv2.source = sourceVar;  //source must come after assigning the index/s

      SWF_flv2.play(); //starts buffering the sourceVar

      SWF_flv2.stop(); //starts buffering the sourceVar