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    Progress Bar Errors


      I was having a hard time finding the ProgressBar in the SDK, so I downloaded the latest version from Adobe (I haven't updated it since the pre-release) and now I'm getting a bunch of errors related to my progress bar:


      1120: Access of undefined property ProgressBarSkin.ScratcherDealsline 1716Flex Problem
      1120: Access of undefined property ProgressBarTrackSkin.ScratcherDealsline 1717Flex Problem
      1120: Access of undefined property ProgressIndeterminateSkin.ScratcherDealsline 1720Flex Problem
      1120: Access of undefined property ProgressMaskSkin.ScratcherDealsline 1719Flex Problem
      1172: Definition mx.skins.spark:ProgressBarSkin could not be found.ScratcherDealsline 54Flex Problem
      1172: Definition mx.skins.spark:ProgressBarTrackSkin could not be found.ScratcherDealsline 22Flex Problem
      1172: Definition mx.skins.spark:ProgressIndeterminateSkin could not be found.ScratcherDealsline 29Flex Problem
      1172: Definition mx.skins.spark:ProgressMaskSkin could not be found.ScratcherDealsline 20Flex Problem


      These errors aren't actually referencing a file, so I can't figure out where they're coming from.