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    AJA suggestions for using Kona 3 card and Premier pro Cs 5.5

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      HI All, 


      I just switched from FCP 7 to Premier using a Kona 3 card and had a few issues I couldn't solve so gave AJA a call and they were very helpful.  In additio to walking me through the right setup on the phone they sent me an email which with their permission i'll post here for others making the switch.  In a subsequent call when I couldn't figure out how to find the DVCPRO HD capture codec this is what I learned about capture settings...Capture Settings...open capture window/settings then click on edit & in lower right corner you can choose format

      Premier Pro setup from AJA


      Here are some tips for working with Adobe CS5.5.

      I hope these help you  out some.

      No Display Output from Premiere:

      a. Set playback settings in SOURCE and PROGRAM preview to FULL resolution.

      b. Make sure the sequence is an AJA sequence.

      c. If sequence is 1080p23.98/24 and using a HDMI monitor, then make sure the Disable

      Segmented Frames” in AJA playback settings is checked.

      How to create a 1080p Premier AJA sequence with 1080p playback.

      a. Go to File -> new AJA sequence.

      b. Click on the general tab.

      c. Set Editing mode to AJA HD 1920x1080p/sF

      d. Set the timebase (fps)

      e. Name and save the sequence.

      f. Go to sequence AJA playback settings.

      g. Check the “Disable Segmented Frames” checkbox.

      h. Mac only: use the frame buffer format in the AJA control panel to confirm video output


      What Premiere Pro Preferences are set to AJA?

      a. Device Control

      i. Set to AJA Serial Control

      ii. Click on options to set frame rate, TC type and Offset.

      b. Player Settings

      i. AJA Player

      c. Audio

      i. Leave on Built-in and NOT AJA Audio.

      OPTIMUM AE Settings for best performance:

      a. Make sure the AJA video preview setting matches the sequence.

      b. Use a RGBA video preview setting and not RGB 10-bit.

      c. In AE preferences -> video preview set Output Quality to Faster.

      d. Go to Project Settings -> set color settings -> depth and set to 8-bits per channel.

      No AJA playback setting in AE source window.

      a.    Go to AE preferences -> player and set to AJA player.